[OpenSIPS-Users] Maybe it's a bug

Calvin Ellison calvin.ellison at voxox.com
Tue Jun 9 19:43:10 EST 2020

+1 to ceil() rounding, and stating in the documentation that this is
the method used. Alternatively, some new option to specify ceiling,
floor, round, truncate, etc.

I can back up SM's claim that a single billing interval discrepancy
will cost people real money. Clarification in the documentation will
help people avoid that pitfall. I also concur with Vlad that the
duration in milliseconds is preferable. The millisecond data can help
to settle any billing disputes from clients or vendors, and it
demystifies CDRs for everyone: one field for actual call duration in
ms, another field for call duration after rounding, and/or one for the
final charged call duration after rounding and billing interval.


Calvin Ellison
Senior Voice Operations Engineer
calvin.ellison at voxox.com

On Tue, Jun 9, 2020 at 12:14 PM Johan De Clercq <johan at democon.be> wrote:
> Upwards seems best.

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