[OpenSIPS-Users] ratelimit per method per subscriber

Jeff Pyle jpyle at fidelityvoice.com
Mon Nov 9 17:31:52 CET 2009


It appears our options today for limiting traffic quantity into Opensips are
the pike and ratelimit modules.  As my oversimplified minds understand it,
pike works by limiting all traffic based on source IP.  Ratelimit works by
limiting all traffic based on method.

Is there a way with ratelimit to limit traffic based on method per source
IP?  For example, can I specify a usr_preference that indicates calls
(INVITEs) per second per subscriber?

I've got a functioning ratelimit configuration to limit the amount of
INVITEs into the proxy based on the example configurations but I don't see
how to do it based on subscriber/source IP like pike does.


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