[OpenSIPS-Business] Teir 1 Service Providers (Level 3, XO, ATT)

Jamuel Starkey jamuel at hcvoip.com
Wed May 15 21:03:48 CEST 2013

Hi Nick,

Last I heard XO exited the SIP TERM market--purportedly too competitive for them.  

Level-3 works well and handles 90% of the US resale SIP TERM market from what I hear--we use them for as a primary carrier for US ORIG, TF ORIG, as well as TERM (US Domestic and International).  We aren't as cost focused as some but more quality focused--and we've never had voice quality issues with them.  They expect 1 million minutes per month with a $10,000 USD monthly commit.  There's been so much turnover at Level-3 I'm not sure who the best person to contact is but I'll send you our contact details separately.    

Never had an dealing with AT&T so no info to provide but we've also run into folks that use Verizon--no details there either both have a hefty take or pay . . .  

Feel free to contact me directly if you have any additional questions or would like to discuss a partnership should you not be able to meet any of the commitments required by Level-3 as we are always looking to add minutes and reduce our costs :)

Hope that gets you started at the very least . . .



On May 15, 2013, at 11:52 AM, Nick Khamis wrote:

> Hello Everyone,
> Anyone here using Level 3 or AT&T wholesale sip terminations services?
> I would like to know on any minimums they would require. Also, an idea
> of how competitive the rates are. I am not asking to disclose your
> custom rate deck, just a "what to expect". Finally, if you guys can PM
> me contact info to someone from the wholesale department who knows
> what they are talking about when it comes to SIP trunking, I would
> really appreciate it.
> Kind Regards,
> Nick.
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