[OpenSIPS-Users] question about rtpengine_manage() in failure_route

William Jin williamj at exetel.com.au
Mon Jun 8 23:09:12 EST 2020

Hi All

May I know how can I rewrite the SDP (rtpengine) in the failure route?

The scenario is we use rtpengine_manage() in the first call attempt, if it fails, it uses failure_route, however, we want to change the SDP info.

For example, the call's first attempt is to an ipv6 UAC, when failed, we try ipv4 UAC. We need to change the rtpengine address-family to IP4 so the c= line can follow with an IPv4 address.

We tried to use rtpengine_manage("address-family=IP4"), but looks like the SDP still not changed.

Does anyone have any idea about this? Or is there any other way to achieve this?

William Jin
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