[OpenSIPS-Users] Single OpenSIPS instance as a full proxy for several softswitches

Adam Obuchowski adam at vrs.pl
Sat Aug 8 16:24:35 EST 2020

I would like to deploy several asterisk boxes on  a docker network (swarm
or kubernetes).  Looking for something that may act as a proxy (for sip and
media), basing on a  domain.
For example, if i configure my device to register with
adam at asterisk1.mydomain.com,the sip proxy should route all the dialog to
asterisk instance 1, if i setup same device to adam at asterisk2.mydomain.com
, the proxy should route the dialog to instance 2 and so on.
Instances may work in docker network with DNS names.
The proxy should work same way for everything, registar, invites, BLF and
also proxy media.
In other words only proxy should be exposed to the world, while asterisk
instances would remain only on docker network. Kind of fake multitenancy.
Would this be achievable with OpenSIPS ?

Kind regards,

Adam Obuchowski
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