[OpenSIPS-Users] Opensips & Freeswitch Integration

John Tuxies atuxnull at gmail.com
Thu Dec 19 03:25:31 EST 2019

I would like to install in a single Virtual machine Opensips, Opensips-CP
and Freeswitch. I have found this link:
and did some modifications. I installed everything from the repositories in
a Debian 8 64bit system.
Opensips (2.4.6) and its control panel is up and working. i can login and
create domain and users. Already registered 2 users and placed calls
between them. Freeswitch (1.8) is up and running on the system.
Now i have to do the migration of the 2 services and i am stuck in step 3.4
and further of the above link. There is not any file called xml_parser.xml
or config.lua or ex-nihilo.
Is there an update of this document to latest releases, please?

I would appreciate any help available to make this integration to take

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