[OpenSIPS-Users] opensipsctl dispatcher - show and dump

solarmon solarmon at one-n.co.uk
Wed Dec 18 03:10:35 EST 2019


A question about the opensipsctl dispatcher show and dump commands. They
seem to show different 'state' for each endpoint.

For example:

When using "opensipsctl dispatcher show":

| id | setid | destination            | socket                | state |
weight | priority | attrs | description  |
|  1 |     1 | sip:A.B.C.D:5060   | udp:W.X.Y.Z:5060 |     2 | 1      |
   0 |       | |

When using "opensipsctl dispatcher dump":

        SET:: 1
                URI:: sip:A.B.C.D:5060 state=Active first_hit_counter=0
                        socket:: udp:W.X.Y.Z:5060

Why are the 'state' different? In "opensipsctl dispatcher show" it says the
state is "2", which is for 'Probing' as I understand it. (and 0 is for
"Active"?). But for  "opensipsctl dispatcher dump"  it shows it as "Active".

On the OpenSIPS Control Panel web GUI, it shows it as DB State as Active
and Memory State as green dot (for Active).

Why does  "opensipsctl dispatcher show" has the state as "2" for Probing
instead of "0" for Active?
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