[OpenSIPS-Users] opensips as load-balancer - configuration

Abu Ibrahim abu_ibrahim2014 at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 17 02:53:29 EST 2019

I recently started using opensips and installed 3.0 version by following the steps available at opensips.org. My requirement is just to set up Opensips as load-balancer between two backend sip servers (actually two freeswitch servers) which will be working as registrars and call routing servers. So my opensips will just be load balancing REGISTER and INVITEs to my two backend freeswitch servers.
After installing the opensips, I've tried route scripts mentioned on the following two links but none of them is working and calls are always failed with 404 not found.
I am attaching my configuration details in the text file here. 
Can someone please help me further what exact or minimal configuration and routing script required at opensips side to accept my traffic and load balance as mentioned above? Also, can someone please let me know a good tutorial/link where basic call routing, endpoints definition or related information for opensips are explained and will be helpful for me to start off with the call testing. Thanks in advance

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