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volga629 at networklab.ca volga629 at networklab.ca
Sat Dec 14 00:12:06 EST 2019

Hello Everyone,
Having some issue get lua to set proper avp.  When it set in insert 
some extra characters into value of avp
Here are log

Dec 14 05:53:41 dev1-fr /usr/sbin/opensips[12985]: siplua: test::wwwww 
Dec 14 05:53:41 dev1-fr /usr/sbin/opensips[12985]: siplua: Tested 
string ~>0
Dec 14 05:53:41 dev1-fr /usr/sbin/opensips[12985]: SMS_ROUTE_IN: Test 
string ~> [0#012]

It insert #012

Lua script

                local cmd_var = handle:read("*all")
                xlog("Tested string ~> " .. cmd_var .. "\n")
                return AVP_set("test-str", cmd_var)

Any help thank you


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