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volga629 at networklab.ca volga629 at networklab.ca
Fri Dec 6 15:46:28 EST 2019

Hello Everyone,
I am trying some conversion lua script with parameters and opensips 
return unexpected  data
Based on module doc param should be as string.

If I set

if(lua_exec("arg_function", "encode:UTF16:$rb")) {

then return

Dec  6 21:29:37 dev1-fr /usr/sbin/opensips[3473]: SMS encode UTF16 with 
body Efcjjfrd
Dec  6 21:29:37 dev1-fr /usr/sbin/opensips[3473]: siplua: got opensips 
string : userdata: 0x7f9226d30080

Lua code

function arg_function(str)
        print("got opensips string : ".. tostring(str))

Also second question how to set avp from lua script ?

AVP_set(msg, name, value)


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