[OpenSIPS-Users] raw mongodb query json parse error

Jayesh Nambiar jayesh1017 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 1 07:21:54 EST 2017

Hi All,
I've been playing around with executing raw mongodb queries with opensips
2.3.2. Though I can run and execute queries successfully I cannot figure
how to write a query that queries the objectId in mongodb directly.
The raw query basically is:

db.runCommand({ find: "customers", filter: {
"_id":ObjectId("5a212d183f1e5e1c7b11b194") } });

But When i write it in the script as:

cache_raw_query("mongodb:instance1", "{ \"find\": \"customers\",
\"filter\": { \"_id\": ObjectId(\"5a212d183f1e5e1c7b11b194\")

opensips gives json parsing error. It basically expects the entire ObjectId
string to be in inverted commas to be a valid json. Any ideas on how to
successfully write the above working query in opensips to pass as a raw


- Jayesh
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