[OpenSIPS-Users] rtp port changed in REPLY's SDP after announcement

Marco Hierl marco.hierl at next-id.de
Fri Dec 1 04:56:03 EST 2017

Hi Bogdan,

the port keep changing even when using the "offer" only once. As soon as the incoming port is changing, the rtpengine will also change it on the outgoing site. BUT there is an option called "port-latching" that will do the job! Maybe it's worth to update the documentation for rtpengine module?

thanks a lot for your help!

Best regards

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In this is case it exclusively depends on the rtpengine if it updates or creates a new session when you call the "offer" for the second time. If the existing session (created for the first branch) will be updated on the second "offer", the port in the replies (towards caller) will not change, right ?

But, based on your tests, I assume it does change the port send to caller after the second offer :( .

Again, this depends on the media relay implementation, it is not something to be controlled by OpenSIPS.

As a simple alternative, move your media server on the public network, so you will not need a second offer. For the second branch, you will simply do a second answer.


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