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Hello Bogdan!


I understand and I thought about it before. But it doesn`t fit to me,
because I have many prefix which can "sharing" different carriers.

Anyway, thank you for help.



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Hi Denis,

If you use weights alg and the GW has no weight, a 0 weight will be assumed,
so it will never match (unless after a failover).

Using weights, the selection is over all the GW in the set. 

If you want do a combination between serial and parallel selection , you
need to use carriers:

Make carrier X with wights flags and set for it destinations 34=50,35=50
and in the rule have the destination set "14,#X" (and do not use the W flag


Bogdan-Andrei Iancu
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On 21.08.2015 12:16, dpa wrote:



There is one question about dr_routing module.


Example 1.

I have such gw_list "#14,#34=50,#35=50,#2881"

Example 2.

I have such gw_list "#14,#34,#35,#2881"


I am using d_routing() with W flag.


In Example 1 a call first had been sent to sharing between #34 and #35 and
only then to #14.

In Example 2 a call first had been sent to #14, then #34, then #35 and


Is there any way to tell Opensips in Example 1 first sends calls to #14 and
only then to sharing between #34 and #35?


Thank you for any help.


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