[OpenSIPS-Users] openSIPS vs Kamailio vs SIP-Router

Mark Sayer datapipes at avtb.co.nz
Mon Aug 15 05:50:33 CEST 2011

Ditto what Nick said. Both will likely work for you equally well. The
split of OpenSER into Kamailio and OpenSIPS was a personality issue
between the main developers that didn't really please the wider user

(Not trying to start a flame war, but that's how it felt from here.)


On Mon, Aug 15, 2011 at 1:02 PM, David J. <david at styleflare.com> wrote:
> Nick,
> All are used; SIP-Router is really just kamailio; But in terms of OpenSIP's
> vs Kamailio they are virtually the same software.
> As far as performance goes; I think they are about even. You will notice
> some differences for example OpenSIPs has a B2B module that you wont find in
> Kamailio; that is used for certain scenarios like topology hiding; if that
> is important to you then that maybe a reason to go with opensips.
> They both support common DB access like mysql, postgres.
> Each installation has their own criteria, but in terms of scale, both
> projects are used in carrier grade deployments. And in some cases both are
> used for various reasons in the same network.
> Hope that helps answer some of your questions.
> On 8/14/11 10:41 PM, Nick Khamis wrote:
>> Hello Everyone,
>> I can only imagine how many times this question has come up since post
>> 2008. Please forgive
>> my reoccurring of  the issue.
>> We are looking to provide carrier grade sip services to our clients
>> world wide. What we need is a
>> lightweight, robust and scalable solution that will allow us to
>> terminate sip calls to our different carriers.
>> Performance, and high throughput are factors very important to my
>> employer. Features such as caller
>> authentication, database back-end, load balancing, and
>> interoperability with asterisk are things we are
>> interested in, as was offered using OpenSER.
>> With three+ open source proxy servers available on the net puts us in
>> a situation where we have more
>> solutions to choose from, at the same time wish the features from one
>> were available in the other, and
>> vice versa.
>> With this in mind, we will have to fall back to other factors such as
>> the most reliable, proven and active
>> projects. As mentioned, we would choose functional stability over
>> endless features that we will never use
>> and that add to the projects fingerprint...
>> I understand that all three projects are forks from OpenSER, people
>> would naturally like to know what
>> differentiates one from the other.
>> Thanks in Advance,
>> Nick Khamis
>> Toronto Hydro Telecom
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