[OpenSIPS-Users] dlg_validate_dialog errors in loose_route

Vlad Paiu vladpaiu at opensips.org
Fri Apr 29 10:59:45 CEST 2011


Trunk has just been enhanced with URI matching according to RFC 3261, so 
you shouldn't have any more problems with parameter reordering, etc.
Please give it a try, if you have the time.


Vlad Paiu
OpenSIPS Developer

On 04/13/2011 06:23 PM, Jeff Pyle wrote:
> Bogdan,
> Don't hold back…let's hear how you really feel.    :)
> I understand your position.  Unfortunately since there are UAs that do 
> this, and they RFC compliant in their behavior, the validate_dialog() 
> function is less useful in the real world.  I've had to remove it from 
> my configs.
> I'm fighting a similar situation regarding the behavior of the 
> uac_replace_from function.  It seems that Acme SBCs replace the value 
> of the From header (old To header) on new requests within a dialog, 
> and this breaks the uac_replace_from function.  I've cited the second 
> paragraph of section of RFC 3261.  The carrier I'm fighting 
> with now reads this "mandatory reflection" behavior as part of the old 
> RFC 2543, not 3261.  They aren't willing to put any more time into 
> configuring their Acme to maintain the headers.  I work with another 
> carrier partner who also uses Acme who was able to make the change. 
>  I'm trying to get the details from the second carrier so I can share 
> them with the first.
> - Jeff
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> Hi Jeff,
> Well, life sucks.....You see, the UA you use is re-ordering the URI 
> params...This is perfectly allowed from RFC point of view, but is 
> bullshit in real life. So your UA is compliant, but not fairplay :)....
> The only solution to this is to extend the "SIP URI matching" from 
> simple string comparison, to RFC-wise comp - parsing the URI, checking 
> username, domain, params, etc.....I tried to avoid this as much as 
> possible as it BS to me....
> Regards,
> Bogdan

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