[OpenSIPS-Users] dlg_validate_dialog errors in loose_route

Andreas Sikkema h323 at ramdyne.nl
Fri Apr 15 00:06:31 CEST 2011

On 4/13/11 5:23 PM, Jeff Pyle wrote:
> I'm fighting a similar situation regarding the behavior of the
> uac_replace_from function.  It seems that Acme SBCs replace the value of
> the From header (old To header) on new requests within a dialog, and
> this breaks the uac_replace_from function.  I've cited the second
> paragraph of section of RFC 3261.  The carrier I'm fighting
> with now reads this "mandatory reflection" behavior as part of the old
> RFC 2543, not 3261.  They aren't willing to put any more time into
> configuring their Acme to maintain the headers.  I work with another
> carrier partner who also uses Acme who was able to make the change.  I'm
> trying to get the details from the second carrier so I can share them
> with the first.

I am running an OpenSIPS based platform that is used to route (some)
calls to/from a set of Acme Packet SBCs, so I can make traces on all
sides. If you can describe a scenario I can reproduce I might be able to
find out what is going on.

Andreas Sikkema

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