[OpenSIPS-Users] correlating Call-IDs of top-hidden dialogs

Jeff Pyle jpyle at fidelityvoice.com
Tue Apr 19 03:29:22 CEST 2011


I see messages like this in the log:
  INFO:b2b_logic:b2b_add_dlginfo: Dialog pair: [6e13029c5fd56bdf0ef2339009984cac at] - [B2B.39.5167001]

I use CDRTool to examine the CDRs of the various proxies.  In my configuration I've got non-B2B Opensips instances on either side of the B2B, each generating their own CDRs.  With the Call-ID changing it becomes more of a challenge to follow the same call through all the relevant proxies.

Is there some way to access this association of the two call IDs inside the script, and write it to db that I could later use to correlate the calls in a more automated fashion?

- Jeff

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