[OpenSIPS-Users] Usage of OpenSips as a OCS to PBX Gateway

Neal, Chris cneal at hayes-lemmerz.com
Thu Dec 16 22:19:22 CET 2010

So here is my usage Senario.....

We have a multiple registration points on a SIP based PBXs and we want to use Microsoft OCS as a Client to the users extensions..
The SIP PBX must have registrations for each extension and does not accept TCP  It uses UDP
Microsoft OCS uses a Mediation server and only talks TCP.

So we found working examples of how to make a TCP < - - > UDP Gateway  (problem one solved.)

So what I need to do is create a database that contains a list PBX's and the associated E.164 address in OCS

So here is the Senario

OCS Client < - - >
OCS Server  < - - >
OCS Mediation Server  (next hop to Opensips Server) < - - >
               OpenSips Server (registers with each PBX)  < - - >

So what I was looking for was a way give a DB list containing

                SIPServer                                                            SIPUser                                SIPPassword      E.164
                Pbx.michigan.anycompany.com                7101                                       cn4516                  +12485558765
                Pbx.ohio.anycompany.com                         308                                         jf455k                    +13805557888
                Pbx.florida.anycompany.com                     922                                         ki7633                   +13525557455

So functionally each record would connect and register with the associated PBX
Any incoming calls to PBX would be routed to the Mediation server using the E.164 (Let Microsoft figure out what the user based on the E.164)
Any outgoing calls from OCS would connect to the appropriate SIP server.

Sounds like a tall order.
But anyone have any idea if this can be done with Opensips?
Or does anyone have a more elegant solution?

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