[OpenSIPS-Users] Contents of ACK in up-to-date RFC 3261

Robert Borz robert.borz at web.de
Thu Jan 22 00:39:41 CET 2009

Just had a look at RFC 3261... 269 pages... well, looks for a hard work for one day... but it isn't written to understand and answer my dumb questions within one or two hours. ;)

So, just want to know which contents in an ACK message are allowed in which case...

Especially, I'm interested in which contents in an ACK are allowed in a response to a 200 OK (after INVITE)... is the Proxy-Authorization header field allowed in an ACK as response to a 200 OK of an INVITE?

Maybe someone read my previous two mails, I'm a little confused right now... 

I detected different behaviour between different UACs, which is nothing unusual for me (I'm just a developer, too).

X-Lite for example includes the digest-credentials in an ACK packet in the Proxy-Authorization header field, whereas the snom-softphone does not.
The Ekige softphone for windows also includes the Proxy-Authorization header field.

So, which behaviour is standard? It would be great to get any help from you... just to spare the time reading the whole RFC... :-(

<lying>But, I don’t mind reading it...</lying> ;-P


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