[OpenSIPS-Users] [NEW PROJECT] - OpenSIPS Control Panel web interface

Dragos Oancea dragos at voice-system.ro
Wed Oct 15 16:56:52 CEST 2008

Hello all,

I wish to announce the release of the first public version of OpenSIPS  
Control Panel.

OpenSIPS Control Panel (OpenSIPS-CP) is a web interface (PHP based)  
for provisioning your OpenSIPS system. OpenSIPS-CP is not designed for  
provisioning users, but for provisioning the operational side of  
OpenSIPS (like DB, MI operations)

OpenSIPS-CP is a collection of tools - different functionalities are  
implemented in separated tools.

Currently, OpenSIPS-CP offers the following tools:
	* CDRviewer - generating, displaying and exporting CDRs
	* dialplan - provisioning of dialplan module
	* domains - provisioning of domains module
	* drouting - provisioning of drouting module
	* mi - web frontend for MI interface
	* monit - web fronted for multiple monit interfaces
	* pdt - provisioning of pdt module
	* siptrace - browsing of the SIP dumps generated by siptrace module
	* smonitor - statistics monitoring - realtime and charting

The OpenSIPS-CP is hosted on SF - see  

Project web page is at http://opensips-cp.sourceforge.net/ - here you  
can find documentation, screenshots and downloads.


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