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Submitted By: Iñaki Baz (ibc_sf)
Assigned to: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
Summary: [presence] No loose-routing in NOTIFY (presence_dialoginfo)

Initial Comment:
OpenSIPs trunk version (rev 5149).

I have two OpenSIPS in my host:
- Proxy (port PROXY_PORT)
- Presence server (port PRESENCE_PORT)

Proxy routes the presence requests to Presence Server using TCP (adding ;transport=tcp) to $du.

I have configured pua_dialoginfo in Proxy and presence_dialoginfo in Presence server. Status presence works correctly.

A client (SPA962) sends a SUBSCRIBE "Event: dialog" abd Proxy routes it to Presence Server adding 2 Record-Route headers (since client uses UDP, and Proxy routes it using TCP, anyway the same orks perfectly with status presence).

Presence server replie a 200 mirroring RR and sends a NOTIFY *not including* the route set!

I attach a flow in which "alice" subscribes to the dialog presence of "bob". Note that the NOTIFY form the Presence server is sent directly to the client (it fails due to NAT).


>Comment By: Iñaki Baz (ibc_sf)
Date: 2009-01-13 18:16

Sorry, I'm wrong. The NOTIFY is sent doing loose-routing. It's my mistake
since I did a wrong ngrep capture (Presence Server sends the NOTIFY using
TCP so it doesn't use listening port PRESENCE_PORT, so my ngrep filter
didn't capture it).



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