[OpenSIPS-Business] [RELEASE] OpenSIPS 1.11 beta major release is out

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu bogdan at opensips.org
Thu Mar 20 21:29:41 CET 2014

Hello everyone!

The OpenSIPS Project is proud to announce the release of OpenSIPS 
version 1.11 (beta)!

We would like to thank the OpenSIPS community for all of their hard and 
diligent work in making this release possible. We could never have done 
it without you!

Special thanks go out to Ovidiu Sas, Walter Doekes, Damien Sandrs, Nick 
Altmann, Brett Nemeroff, Ryan Bullock (and many others) for your amazing 
contribution on this release. We truly appreciate you!

Building on our industry ready platform, we're excited to introduce many 
new features and updates. But also we've continued to make inroads in 
developing an easier to use OpenSIPS.

Version 1.11 brings with it enhancements to the core, script handling, 
and many important modules.

The OpenSIPS core has received a new memory allocator to increase 
performance. It's tunable and provides fine-grained locking!

We've also heard your requests on improving scripting capabilities. Say 
hello to the SCRIPT_HELPER module and to the “for-each” statement! The 
learning curve will not be so steep again!

We've also introduced 4 new modules in this release...

- B2B_SCA module providing new shared call appearance features
- CALL_CENTER module that introduces call queue features
- MI_JSON module to encode data in JSON format over HTTP for the MI 
Interface commands
- SCRIPT_HELPER module to simplify the script/configuration for beginners

In all, too many features to list. However you can view them all by 
visiting the version page at:

Again, we are excited about all the new changes version 1.11 delivers. 
We continue to appreciate all the feedback and help from the community.

We still have many things to be done to get to the stable release (in ~1 
month), like improving the documentation, keep working on fixing bugs, 
excessive testing and others.

We're always listening to your requests, so never be shy in making one!

Many thanks,
The OpenSIPS Project Team

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu
OpenSIPS Founder and Developer

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