[OpenSIPS-Business] non-local socket

Oskar Krigh teamer at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 23 16:33:36 CET 2009


Right now i have one dispatcher and some active proxys in my setup. When i try to place a call i get this: WARNING:usrloc:dbrow2info: non-local socket.

I have read about this, but i cant come up with a good workaround for it. I guess that i could hash on different values depending on what call it is, but the problem that i see in that is redundancy. I want to come up with a solution so i can choose in the dispatcher what proxy that should take the call. In the end i want to be able to look at the geographical location of the destination and send it to the closest proxy.


So my question is, how should i do to handle the socket problem? I really like the idea with a dispatcher, and i want to get it working.


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