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The intent of this list is to help carriers and freight dispatchers form direct relationships with freight brokers outside of using the load boards.

This list has 2000 Freight Broker contacts, which includes their company name, contact information, location, and email addresses.


EVERYTHING you need to begin making relationships that’ll take your business to new heights! 

We compiled a directory of  a/c, container, pipe, reel, steel, and wire shippers from within the multiple states for Flatbeds and Hot Shots.


**DISCLAIMER: Use of this directory does not guarantee sales. Results may vary and are dependent upon you ability.

Are you looking to leverage a trailer you own to another owner operator and get paid?


If so, this lease agreement is an asset to you to ensure all parties are on the same page and you’re not liable for any issues that may transpire.

Please PROTECT yourself!

Are you a Motor Carrier looking to add Owner Operators unto your business? 


If so, you’re required to have a lease agreement.

This is perfect for those that need a Lease Agreement immediately . Once purchased you will receive the download. Just edit your details and send to your potential Owner Operator.

Why is a Bill of Lading important?


A bill of lading is one of the most important documents in the shipping industry. It is a legally binding document providing the driver and the carrier all the details needed to process the freight shipment and invoice. Not every shipper/broker provides a Bill of Lading, so being prepared with a Bill of Lading for each carrier will help assist in proper documentation, saving the carrier time, and being able to receive payment for services rendered.

This item is a basic invoice template.


This is perfect for those that need an invoice immediately. Once purchased you will receive the download. Just edit your details and send to your customer.

[ **ALL THE RESOURCES!!**](https://5y0ou.r.ag.d.sendibm3.com/mk/cl/f/h5Z6hKc8uVRUOq6zV_l4GLojwBSry4Ah29OUiQwNjitlfgxKT0MXQZqgtvuBJkcLfWMCtZBx462bWv_XgQZZ_biSilklH8gpR0CyKbNpViKK8sHs4O4g3Hc1Ts4Yqjx3olW4eMdEOI9Wu_O-Uga6FD8Xdio4xqsB5rFrDs9Z7Lzch7ATMXuYjyQ-T1t8Yip702gkg2360z4LVPGaVp0/dispatcher-carrier-document-resources)

**BE. Logistics LLC**


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