[OpenSIPS-Users] How to reach failure_route if remote end doesn't reply on INVITEs

Simon Gajski simon at softnet.si
Thu Jul 13 08:24:47 UTC 2023


I am running opensips 2.1.1 and have a question regarding accessing 

In case I send INVITE to some destination where I receive 3xx, 4xx or 
5xx reply, call goes to failure_route and uses next gw from there. 
Everything fine so far.
But in some cases it hapens that opensips sends INVITE to a destination 
from where there is no reply.
In this case opensips repeatedly sends INVITEs to that destination and 
doesn't do failover to failure_route.

I played so far with $DLG_timeout variable, set to 2 sec.
In this case opensips does failover to failure_route after 2 sec, 
however established call via next gw is also terminated after 2 sec.

Is there another way to reach failure_route if remote end doesn't replay 
in expected time?


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