[OpenSIPS-Users] - INVITE (SDP) includes Originators IP info

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Tue Oct 18 22:09:30 UTC 2022

Hi Nitesh,

  1.  Check the topology hiding function: https://opensips.org/docs/modules/3.2.x/topology_hiding.html
  2.  Use e.g. rtpproxy:




I hope these help!


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Subject: [OpenSIPS-Users] - INVITE (SDP) includes Originators IP info

Hello All,

This is my first OpenSIPS project so I'm a newbie!

After going back and forth with "uac_replace_from()", I was successfully able to make a call from my ATA -> OpenSIPS -> Outbound Provider -> CellPhone. All worked fine with two-way audio except few issues:

1) Outbound Provider was able to see my ATA (Originator's IP/User-Agent/etc) in SIP INVITE (SDP) which kinda raised some eyebrows with Outbound provider. How can I block or strip all the Originator's contact info in SIP INVITE (SDP) and only send OpenSIPS info? Meaning I want to protect my Originators and don't want to show anything to the Outbound Provider. Outbound providers should only communicate to the OpenSIPS server.

2) When the call was up I failed to capture any media/RTP on the OpenSIPS server. I want to involve OpenSIPS in media/RTP between ATA and outbound providers. How can I force media/RTP to pass-thru OpenSIPS IP so I'm not exposing Originator's IP.

Any insights will be highly appreciated.


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