[OpenSIPS-Users] Formating issue for string that contains pv

Serdar GUCLUER serdar.gucluer at netgsm.com.tr
Mon Oct 10 09:43:06 UTC 2022

Hi All,

In my situation, i want to format string which contains 
pseudo-variables. These string are stored in db and cached with 
"cache_table" module.

I tried it like that;

$avp(value) = $sql_cached_value(caching_name:column_name:key);
pv_printf($var(formatted_value), $sql_cached_value(caching_name:column_name:key));
xlog("L_INFO", "*** Value: $avp(value) | Formatted Value: $var(formatted_value) ***");

but noting is changed,

*** Value: r-uri: $ru | Formatted Value:  r-uri: $ru ***

Where am i doing wrong?
Thanks in advance.

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