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M S medeanwz at gmail.com
Thu Dec 8 11:43:02 UTC 2022

I hope this is the right forum for this post, a few things about mediaproxy

1. the keepalive disconnects relay from dispatcher with: 'missed 3
keepalive answers in a row. assuming the connection is down.' however the
logic behind it (_queued_keepalives += 1 for ping and _queued_keepalives -= 1
for pong) means that lost packets are accumulated, and it is not disconnect
after 3 "in a row". I believe it should be _queued_keepalives=0 for pong...
otherwise if i lose a ping today and one tomorrow, the next loss
disconnects whenever it is.

2. at around 1300 calls (with high CPS), opensips channel to
mediadispatcher gets timed out (even with timeout to 1s from 500ms
default). further checks showed it is due to relay not answering.
separating relay and dispatcher to different machines alleviates the
problem. I'm sure this depends on the environment used (cpu/etc) but I'm
wondering if other people have different performance results. I
have disabled all database and statistics on mediaproxy.

3. when there is a problem (e.g. severed connection between relay and
dispatcher) all the open ports on relay remain opened inside OS (netstat
shows udp ports inuse) - port leaking. after a few disconnects all
available ports are used and it starts throwing errors.

Ideas and comments would be appreciated!
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