[OpenSIPS-Users] open3.3 has no opensipsctlrc?

wl clorisice at 163.com
Thu Dec 1 02:32:16 UTC 2022

I am using opensip-3.3.3  but after configure, make, make install , I cannot fnd the previous config file 'opensipsctlrc'
at prefix_dir/etc/opensips/. why? is this file cancelled on new version?
I am trying to connect newest opensips to newest freeswitch, and I refer this article:


but it is based on opensips-1.8 ,is it obsolete to new version since I cannot find opensipsctlrc file agian , I dont't know how to integrate newest opensips with  freeswitch, can you provide new reference article for me?
thanks a lot
best reagarda
looking forward your reply!

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