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Hi Yavari,

On Sat, Jan 9, 2021 at 8:03 AM H Yavari via Users <users at lists.opensips.org>

> Clients must have TLS connection and we have an OpenSIPS cluster on the
> front of Asterisk servers. So in this case, if client's connection with one
> SIP proxy node goes down, it should be re-establish with other node in
> cluster? or as all cluster nodes are using shared DB and they talk to each
> other via BIN, client connection remains? thanks.
I do not think there is a way to have TCP (TLS, WebRTC, etc) connection to
survive a server failover.

You may want to have the clients to re-connect (reregister and reinvite) in
case of failover.

Or, maybe clustering OpenSIPSs in active-active via anycast.



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