[OpenSIPS-Users] Opensips 3.1 and Homer 7

Sunil More Sunil.More at samespace.com
Tue Jan 5 13:01:35 EST 2021

Hello All,

I am using homer 7 and opensips 3.1. I am using the tracer module along
with hep to send to helify-server.

here is a snippet of the config.

#----------------------- Loading Tracer
loadmodule "tracer.so"
modparam("tracer", "trace_on", 1)
modparam("tracer", "trace_id","[tid]uri=hep:hep_dst")

#----------------- Loading PROTOCOLs
loadmodule "proto_udp.so"
loadmodule "proto_tls.so"
loadmodule "proto_hep.so"
modparam("proto_hep", "hep_id", "[hep_dst]
; transport=udp")
modparam("proto_hep", "homer5_on", 1)
modparam("proto_hep", "hep_port", 6666)

Using trace as below

trace("tid", "t", "sip|xlog",100);

I am able to get sip traces in Homer UI .  I am using rtpengine with
opensips and getting rtcp logs.  However

- I am not able to get Qos

- logs are sent to Homer but with *method RTP and type RTP.* (they are not
displayed in the logs tab)

I tried hep.js and I could populate Qos , SIP msgs and Logs in respective

Could anyone please point me in the right direction?

Sunil More

Manager - DevOps

91 95033 38275

sunil.more at samespace.com



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