[OpenSIPS-Users] Presence module is failing to send NOTIFY when TCP transport in combination with Route is in use #2280

Vladimir Kuzmenok vkforipc at gmail.com
Fri Oct 16 16:11:56 EST 2020

Hello Group,

In the ticket 2280 <https://github.com/OpenSIPS/opensips/issues/2280>  I
was suggested several options how I should handle the issue of NOTIFY not
being sent

   1. Fix the SIPP scenario - add the local port in the Request-Route
   header (this is the preferred method)
   2. Add a TCP alias for SIPP_PORT -> 5060. This way when the NOTIFY is
   generated to port 5060, OpenSIPS will find this alias and send it over the
   same TCP connection
   3. Catch the NOTIFY in local_route and reset the tcp_no_new_conn_bflag -
   this will create a new connection to the UAC_IP:5060 server (note that I
   haven't tested this, but it should work). Although this might work, in
   practice, if client is not reachable, the NOTIFY will be lost - it will not
   be sent over the same connection the SUBSCRIBE created.

Regarding option 1 - the actual routing is being done by another Opensips
instance, Is there a way to modify the Router header to have the real port?
For option 2 - should I do it at the receiving end or at the sender end?

Regarding option 3 - how resetting the tcp_no_new_conn_bflag will help? I
am not getting even initial NOTIFY which is part of the handle_subscribe
function call?

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