[OpenSIPS-Users] can't get is_contact_registered() to return true

Jeff Pyle jeff at ugnd.org
Thu Oct 8 14:18:54 EST 2020

Yes.  I want to compare everything I can between the INVITE I've just
received and the registration I authenticated previously to make sure
everything that is supposed to match does match.  I'd love to compare
User-Agent as well, for example, but it doesn't appear there's a way to
access that on lookup().  This use case may or may not be enough to
actually code it -- I'll happily defer that decision to you and the team!

Here's some context of how I use this.  In my case, I increment a memcache
counter with a relatively short TTL upon preauth failure, and after
*x* failures
in *y* seconds, I set a distinct memcache key with a relatively long TTL
that matches the source IP.  The presence of that key is checked early in
the script to ignore traffic from blacklisted source IP addresses.

Here's to 3.2!

- Jeff

On Thu, Oct 8, 2020 at 9:47 AM Liviu Chircu <liviu at opensips.org> wrote:

> On 08.10.2020 16:40, Jeff Pyle wrote:
> >
> > This loads the registered contacts as branches, which allows me to
> > iterate through each and compare 1) the base URI from the inbound
> > INVITE with the base URI of the registered contact, 2) the received IP
> > and 3) the received port.  Assuming one matches, that's enough to
> > satisfy me that we've received a message from a registered endpoint.
> > I'm calling this route on initial INVITEs and so far, so good.  There
> > are optimizations that could occur, such as exiting the while loop
> > once we've found a match, but at least this works.
> Interesting use case!  Maybe we can formalize this into one or more
> extensions, so you can just call the appropriate functions.  Here are
> your current problems which must be addressed:
> * is_ip_registered() is too imprecise, as it only takes the IP as input,
> while you'd want to match the URI and port as well.
> * is_contact_registered() is too precise, as it matches _everything_,
> including URI parameters which you'd like to skip.
> I've put this problem on the bucket list for 3.2 :)  Cheers!
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