[OpenSIPS-Users] can't get is_contact_registered() to return true

Jeff Pyle jeff at ugnd.org
Wed Oct 7 14:18:36 EST 2020


This is on OpenSIPS 3.1.0 git revision 499831928.

I'm attempting to verify an inbound message is coming from a registered
source.  is_registered("location") returns
true.  is_ip_registered("location", , $si) also returns
true.  is_contact_registered("location"), however, does not.  I've played
with various parameters and can't get it to do so.

The From of the inbound message matches the AOR I'm attempting to check.
That AOR has three registered contacts, and one of those contacts matches
the Contact arriving on the inbound message.  I expect the function to
return true in this case.  Am I missing something?

- Jeff
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