[OpenSIPS-Users] Useless NAT check with IPV6

Robert Dyck rob.dyck at telus.net
Thu Jun 25 18:53:18 EST 2020

The bug report was deemed unnecessary. For those searching the archive you can eliminate this 
type of error by ensuring that your script employs fix_nated_register and fix_nated_contact. 
Without it the contact will contain gibbrish and the location table will not record the actual 
address in the "received" field. Call routing will fail. This applies whether or not the contact is 
nated when GRUU is in use. Perhaps uncommon once but always present in WEBRTC.

On Thursday, June 25, 2020 9:56:39 A.M. PDT Robert Dyck wrote:

I have submitted bug #2154.
I believe it is a registration problem. The "received" should never be null in the location table.

On Wednesday, June 24, 2020 2:36:04 P.M. PDT Robert Dyck wrote:

Context: opensips 3.0.2

I wanted to cleanup a working configuration so I eliminated the NAT check if the address family 
was IPV6. This was in the initial request route. I was surprised to see that an IPV6 INVITE would 
fail. The REGISTERs were good.

Could someone explain to me what is happening.
Thanks, Rob

Config and debug on failure

       if ($af == "INET") { 

un 24 10:09:34 [1682250] Branch index is 0  

Debug of NAT check, working scenario

Jun 24 13:59:52 [1707071] Received request from WAN, Method is INVITE 

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