[OpenSIPS-Users] Homer docker integration - "api/preferences.php" file

solarmon solarmon at one-n.co.uk
Tue Jun 16 13:17:32 EST 2020


I'm trying to set up and integrate Homer with my opensips setup.

I have managed to install Homer on separate VM, using the docker method as
described at:


(I had to set SELINUX to permissive or disable for it to build - see

I'm following this guide on how to integrate Homer with opensips:


On there, it talks about configuring Homer in the "api/preferences.php"

With my limited experience and knowledge on Docker I'm not sure how/where
to find this config file.

Can somebody tell me where this  "api/preferences.php" file can be found
within the Docker environment.

Or can these settings be set within the Homer admin GUI Admin Settings
instead? It looks like in the Advanced section of Settings I am able to add
parameters, but it needs to have a 'category' assigned to it, which I don't
know what it should be (if this is the equivalent way to do.it).

Thank you!
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