[OpenSIPS-Users] question about rtpengine_manage() in failure_route

William Jin williamj at exetel.com.au
Sun Jun 14 23:43:19 EST 2020

Hi Razvan,

Many thanks for your advice.

Yes, I can confirm the branch_route did the trick.

William Jin
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Hi, William!

Make sure you call rtpengine_manage() in branch route, not in the request route, otherwise all the changes will be inherited throughout all the branches further created.

Best regards,


On 6/9/20 7:04 AM, William Jin wrote:
Below is a short config example.

route {
rtpengine_manage();  #say the first call attempt need rtpengine

failure_route[handle_failure] {
if (isflagset(CallFWD)){route(handle_callfwd);}

if (t_relay()){
xlog("L_INFO","Stateful relay done. RB=$rb(application/sdp)");

Looks like the t_relay in the handle_callfwd will inherit the SDP info that rtpengine_manage entered in the first attempt.

Also, another interesting fact is that the SDP info is added while the t_relay is called. Looks like the t_relay is using its data in memory and re-write the SDP. the  $rb(application/sdp) is not changed until the t_relay is called.

How can I, for example, remove the rtpengine related SDP for the second INVITE generated by the failure_route?
I tried rtpengine_delete() in handle_callfwd or rtpengine_manage() in the failure_route which suppose to do rtpengine_delete also, but they don't work as expected.

Thanks in advance.

William Jin
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Subject: [OpenSIPS-Users] question about rtpengine_manage() in failure_route

Hi All

May I know how can I rewrite the SDP (rtpengine) in the failure route?

The scenario is we use rtpengine_manage() in the first call attempt, if it fails, it uses failure_route, however, we want to change the SDP info.

For example, the call's first attempt is to an ipv6 UAC, when failed, we try ipv4 UAC. We need to change the rtpengine address-family to IP4 so the c= line can follow with an IPv4 address.

We tried to use rtpengine_manage("address-family=IP4"), but looks like the SDP still not changed.

Does anyone have any idea about this? Or is there any other way to achieve this?

William Jin

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