[OpenSIPS-Users] Fine tuning high CPS and msyql queries

Calvin Ellison calvin.ellison at voxox.com
Fri Jun 12 22:02:41 EST 2020

 I noticed a way-too-small receive buffer value in the OpenSIPS startup
messages and it turns out that a fresh Ubuntu 18 Server install has
absolutely terrible sysctl defaults for high-performance networking. I got
my 8-core lab from less than 2,000 CPS up to 14,000 CPS using a spread of
all dips in non-async mode just by setting the following to match

net.core.rmem_max = 16777216
net.core.wmem_max = 16777216

Does OpenSIPS have guidelines for sysclt and other OS parameters?

Async requires the TM module which adds additional overhead and memory
> allocation.

According to with the docs:
"By requiring less processes to complete the same amount of work in the
same amount of time, process context switching is minimized and
overall CPU usage is improved. Less processes will also eat up less
system memory."

So which is it? When should async be used, and when should async not be
used? One can only invest so many hours in load testing combinations of
sync/async, the number of children, timer_partitions, etc. Some fuzzy math
based on CPU core count, SpecInt Rate, BogoMIPS, etc. would be a great
starting point.


*Calvin Ellison*
Senior Voice Operations Engineer
calvin.ellison at voxox.com
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