[OpenSIPS-Users] Maybe it's a bug

Liviu Chircu liviu at opensips.org
Tue Jun 9 18:58:24 EST 2020

On 09.06.2020 15:43, Saint Michael wrote:
> I talked to Vlad, who I believe wrote the code, and he does not think 
> it is a bug and I should use the ms and not the seconds. But thousands 
> of businessmen will not spot this and thus their billing will never 
> match the carrier, and they will lose money. If anybody thinks for a 
> second that a call with a 200 OK will be free, is dreaming. Not in 
> America.

Hi, SM!

Opinion #1: I doubt that anyone who is serious about their billing & 
revenue (e.g. your nitpicky carrier) would leave to randomness the 
answer to the most basic question of: "does our platform correctly bill 
each call?".  No disrespect here, just maybe highlighting the fact that 
your platform could benefit from a bit more testing.

Opinion #2: we could definitely change the default of the 
second-accurate precision to be _greedy_ instead of _generous_. I bet 
most people (myself included) would be more happy with a ceil() [1] 
behavior instead of a trunc() [2] one.  That is: round _upwards_, not 
_downwards_.  More opinions would be useful here!

Best regards,

[1]: man ceil
[2]: man trunc

Liviu Chircu
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