[OpenSIPS-Users] ACK Routing Issue

Mark Farmer farmorg at gmail.com
Fri Jun 5 13:05:42 EST 2020

Thanks Diptesh

I'm using topology hiding, so now I have this:

if (has_totag()) {
                xlog("CUSTOM_LOG: in-dialog $rm has message flags: $mf and
branch flags: $bf");

                #Set correct SIP User-Agent Header
                if (remove_hf("User-Agent")) {
                xlog("CUSTOM_LOG: Setting SIP User-Agent on In-Dialog
                insert_hf("User-Agent: OpenSIPS\r\n");

                if (!topology_hiding_match() ) {
                        xlog("CUSTOM_LOG: cannot match request to a dialog
                        send_reply(404,"Not found");

                # handle hop-by-hop ACK (no routing required)
                if ( is_method("ACK") && t_check_trans() ) {
                        xlog("CUSTOM_LOG: ACK detected with valid
transaction - t_relay");

I don't see a 404 going out so I think topology_hiding_match is working.
But it tries to send the ACK to itself on it's private interface (I have

ACK sip:+44XXXXXXXXXX at;did=e07.595f3776 SIP/2.0
Via: SIP/2.0/UDP PUB.LIC.IP.ADDR:5060;branch=z9hG4bKc219.d1f5b08.2
From: <sip:+441204860410 at PUB.LIC.IP.ADDR;user=phone>;tag=gK0c801c8d
To: <sip:+44XXXXXXXXXX at>;tag=3800350621-1224267434
Call-ID: 543691539-3800350621-1514620980 at sbc-uk-bs13b.uk.sdin.bt.net
CSeq: 202841 ACK
Max-Forwards: 69
Content-Length: 0

Best regards

On Fri, 5 Jun 2020 at 13:03, Diptesh Patel <diptesh.patel at ecosmob.com>

> Hello Mark,
> Are you using Topology Hiding or Loose Routing?
> If you are using Topology Hiding then you need to match the topology using
> *topology_hiding_match()* first.
> It is great if you can share SIP packets.
> Thanks & Regards
> *Diptesh Patel*
> Software Developer
> Ecosmob Technologies Ltd,
> Ahmedabad
> Mo:*+919898962659*
> On Fri, Jun 5, 2020 at 5:00 PM Mark Farmer <farmorg at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi everyone
>> I've upgraded an OpenSIPS box to 3.1 and am now seeing an issue with
>> ACK's trying to route to an incorrect IP - in this case our own advertised
>> IP.
>> I think I'm right in saying that PRACK's & ACK's are treated equally and
>> should route in the same manner? However, PRACK's are routing correctly.
>> I have this:
>> if (has_totag()) {
>>                 ---
>>                 # handle hop-by-hop ACK (no routing required)
>>                 #if ( is_method("ACK") && t_check_trans() ) {
>>                 if (is_method("ACK")) {
>>                         t_relay();
>>                         exit;
>>                 }
>> ---
>> Thanks for any ideas!
>> Mark.
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Mark Farmer
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