[OpenSIPS-Users] Sip traces to remote Homer Server

Burhan Khan burhankhan1 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 2 13:06:15 EST 2020


I am trying to send sip traces from opensips 3.0 to remote Homer server but
it is getting error. Following is my configuration

loadmodule "proto_hep.so"

loadmodule  "tracer.so"


modparam("tracer", "trace_on", 1)

modparam("proto_hep", "hep_id", "[homer];transport=udp")

modparam("tracer", "trace_id", "[tid]uri=hep:homer")

In route section

        $var(trace_id) = "tid";

        trace($var(trace_id),  , "sip", );

 Error is :::

*ERROR:core:udp_init_listener: bind(27, 0x7ff5729214c4, 16) on **:
Cannot assign requested address*
*ERROR:core:trans_init_all_listeners: failed to init listener [**],
proto hep_udp*
*ERROR:core:main: failed to init all SIP listeners, aborting*

*Burhan Khan*

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