[OpenSIPS-Users] no more share memory opensips 3.1

Mario San Vicente mrsanvicente at gmail.com
Thu Aug 27 07:55:28 EST 2020

Hello Everyone,

I am running a stress test on a server, and  around 4200 calls, opensips

I get logs for no more share memory.

     ERROR:tm:build_local: no more share memory
     ERROR:core:qm_malloc_dbg: not enough free shm memory (0 bytes left,
need 6
72), please increase the "-m" command line parameter!

Checking the stats when opensips is up, i have:

    opensips-cli -x mi list_statistics | grep shmem
        "shmem:total_size": "non-incremental",
        "shmem:max_used_size": "non-incremental",
        "shmem:free_size": "non-incremental",
        "shmem:used_size": "non-incremental",
        "shmem:real_used_size": "non-incremental",
         "shmem:fragments": "non-incremental",

What is the correct way to increase it on opensips 3.1?

Thank you in advance
Mario San Vicente
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