[OpenSIPS-Users] wait_for_event(event,filter,timeout)

Darpan Patel darpan.gabani1093 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 20 06:37:39 EST 2020

Hello All , i have a query regarding wait_for_event functionality .In
documentation usage of event is like this :

# wait for callee to register
$avp(filter) = "aor="+$rU+"@"+$rd
async( wait_for_event("E_UL_AOR_INSERT","$avp(filter)", "40"),  resume_call);
# done
route[resume_call] {
	xlog("user $avp(aor) is now registered\n");

But in my case after 40 seconds it's not trigger resume_call route, so
resume_call only called after the event will succeed ? I want to
implement a feature like if callee is not registered till 40 seconds
then relay call to PSTN Gateway .thanks alot in advance .

regards ,

Darpan Patel
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