[OpenSIPS-Users] [Crash Report] Weird crash with drouting/tls_mgm/usrloc/db_postgresql

Adrien Martin a.martin at alphalink.fr
Tue Aug 11 08:35:41 EST 2020


As i am adding some TLS gateways (drouting) to our configuration some crashes happen.
The crash dump seems to show db_postgresql is reading an answer that does not match the current query (usrloc).

I don't really know how to find what causes this.
Does anyone have an idea how to progress on this? How to extract more from the crash dump/what to do to find the problem?

Does anyone have experienced this problem?
NB: https://github.com/OpenSIPS/opensips/issues/1579 seems similar but how the patch interact with the issue is not obvious to me.

More information is present here: https://github.com/OpenSIPS/opensips/issues/2161.

Adrien Martin

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