[OpenSIPS-Users] first_hit_counter

Олег Подгуйко podguiko at mail.ru
Thu May 30 15:32:17 EDT 2019


The question is about dispatcher module. I'm interested in one parameter.

Sometimes I use this command

[opodguyko at xx-spx-1 ~]$ opensipsctl fifo ds_list
PARTITION:: default
SET:: 1
URI:: sip: state=Active first_hit_counter=13
socket:: udp:
attr:: test
[opodguyko at xx-spx-1 ~]$

Could you explain what does it means "first_hit_counter" parameter?

I haven't found anything  at all about it in your documentation.

It would also be interesting to understand why the following parameters are needed

state(int) weight(string) priority(int)

The documentation gives a very poor description.
Thank you.

Oleg Podguyko
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