[OpenSIPS-Users] Opensip 2.4.5 Subscriber module on ODBC (MSSQL 2016 )

Frank Lee frank at wtild.com
Sat May 25 00:33:33 EDT 2019



Was there some major change between version 1.11 and 2.4.5 on supporting of
the ODBC connection of Microsoft SQL Server?  It seems I had 1.11 running
fine on SQL server (or at least partial table on sql server such as location
table).  But now I use 2.4.5  it seems all the module that uses odbc
connector instead of the mysql connector it will have the error below


core:db_table_version: invalid type (1) or nul (0)


Thus, I changed all the module to use mysql connector (except the AVPOPS
Module because I have custom query in the script which need to query the
Microsoft sql server) which made Opensips start out fine.  But as soon as it
uses the avp_db_query in the script it seems it would not work.  Alhtough I
don't see any error in the syslog file (although I had log_level set to 3,
do I need to set it higher?)


Anyway, it just seems all the query/support to Microsoft SQL server doesn't
run right in 2.4.5 vs 1.11.


Is there some dependency that I am suppose to install which is different?  


I had my 1.11 run on Debian 7.  Now we are moving to Azure cloud, I had run
Ubuntu 18.04 since Debian 7 is not support on Azure.


I had install odbc version 2.3.4 and also tdsodbc 1.00


Are these not to correct version to interface between 2.4.5 and Microsoft
sql server (I tried both version msssql 2008 and 2016).


Anyway, any  pointer or help will be greatly appreciated!


Thank you!



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This is the first time I use this mail message, so let me know if this is
not the correct way of posting question.


Anyway, I am running Opensips 2.4.5 and when I use MYSQL database on all
module, opensips runs fine.  But as soon as I switch over the database
source to use ODBC driver (which is linked to Microsoft SQL server 2016), I
get this error.  What is It mean?


May 24 17:36:48 osipibDprimary /usr/local/sbin/opensips[13534]:
ERROR:core:db_table_version: invalid type (1) or nul (0) version columns for

May 24 17:36:48 osipibDprimary /usr/local/sbin/opensips[13534]:
ERROR:core:db_check_table_version: querying version for table subscriber

May 24 17:36:48 osipibDprimary /usr/local/sbin/opensips[13534]:
ERROR:uri:mod_init: Invalid table version.


I first created the MySQL table usinmg the command:


opensipsdbctl create


And then I transfer the tables to MSSQL using the:


Microsoft SQL Server Migration Assistant 8.1 for MySQL


All the table named corrected and all the index was created too.


Thank you very much!




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