[OpenSIPS-Users] RTP proxy RE-INVITE with late SDP (ACK cannot have SDP body)

Răzvan Crainea razvan at opensips.org
Mon May 20 08:27:31 EDT 2019

Hi, Callum!

I've just checked this and this looks like a bug in the 
rtpproxy_engage() function, not handling properly  scenarios where late 
negociation is happening in the middle of the call. Please open a bug 
report for this on our tracking system[1].
In the meantime, the only solution is to work rtpproxy manually, using 
the offer/answer model.

[1] https://github.com/OpenSIPS/opensips/issues

Best regards,

On 5/15/19 7:36 PM, Callum Guy wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am working on a problem where for a few destinations my OpenSIPs is 
> receiving RE-INVITE messages with late SDP. This is causing a breakdown 
> in the rtpproxy engagement and causing the audio to fail mid call.
> The OpenSIPs deployment is acting as a SIP proxy which traverses NAT and 
> rtpproxy is used in bridging mode. I am using rtpproxy_engage to tie the 
> integration to the dialog session and this is for all other purposes 
> working as expected.
> My failure scenario is when the remote system sends a RE-INVITE message 
> which includes no SDP. This passes through to my FreeSWITCH server which 
> responds with a 200 including SDP. This message is processed fine and 
> interacts with rtpproxy as expected and provides the remote with the 
> correct public IP and port for RTP (the same as returned during call 
> setup). In response the remote system returns an ACK with SDP which 
> triggers an OpenSIPs error message (below) which results in the remotes 
> public IP being passed through in SDP which causes the FreeSWITCH to 
> start sending RTP direct resulting in one way audio as the media server 
> is not publicly accessible.
> *ERROR:rtpproxy:engage_force_rtpproxy: not a late negotiation - ACK 
> cannot have SDP body*
> As I understand it the FreeSWITCH behaviour is OK, although I am not 
> clear why it feels the need to resend the SDP. All I want to happen in 
> this scenario is for rtpproxy module to re-write the SDP in the way it 
> has for all previous messages. I am very interested to hear if there is 
> any reason for rtpproxy to disallow late negotiation in this scenario, 
> if anyone can point to a relevant RFC that would be interesting!
> Is there any way around this other than some sort of manual SDP re-write 
> (not helpful to me as I am using a pool of rtpproxy instances)? Might I 
> have more luck with offer/answer or indeed rtpengine?
> I've illustrated the scenario better on the following link (sngrep paste):
> https://gist.githubusercontent.com/spacetourist/ef0478c0bf4e2d736f9b5663042087dd/raw/6f0a984a1a2838e7e2c4539f059fd68935a3b0b1/gistfile1.txt
> Thanks, looking forward to any advice!
> Best regards,
> Callum
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