[OpenSIPS-Users] opensipsctl fifo commands hanging after an opensips service restart

solarmon solarmon at one-n.co.uk
Tue Dec 17 06:21:12 EST 2019

The issue was resolved, but not diagnosed.

I noticed that there were lots of opensipsctl process in the task list. I
have Nagios NCPA agent running scripts that uses opensipsctl and these all
seem to be hanging.

I killed all the opensipsctl processes using pkill and found that I can now
use opensipsctl fifo commands without it hanging. Note, I also had to
restart the NCPA listener service for Nagios monitoring to work properly

I still would like to understand how it got into this situation in the
first place.

On Tue, 17 Dec 2019 at 10:09, solarmon <solarmon at one-n.co.uk> wrote:

> Hi,
> I have an issue with opensipsctl command hanging when using fifo commands.
> This occurred after I issued a 'systemctl reload opensips' command.
> Actually, I subsequently had to issue a  'systemctl restart opensips'
> command since the opensips service had stopped working.
> Since then, when using opensipsctl fifo command such as:
>  opensipsctl fifo dlg_list_sharing_tags
> seems to hang. When I break out of it with CTRL-C I get the following
> message:
> ^Crm: cannot remove ‘/tmp/osips_rply_bf3d191f’: No such file or directory
> I noticed that "opensipsctl dispatcher show" does not hang, but
> "opensipsctl dispatcher dump" does hang.
> Note: this is part of an opensips cluster (using clusterer) and the same
> is happening with both opensips nodes. In fact, the issue is happenning on
> three different sites that had the opensips nodes service restart after a
> config change. (The config change was only to change the fr_inv_timeout
> from 20 to 60).
> Please advise why this is happening and how to resolve it.
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