[OpenSIPS-Users] NOTIFY results in SIP/2.0 400 Missing or invalid message-summary

Alexander N. Lunev lan at zato.ru
Fri Sep 15 06:13:43 EDT 2017

Can I just cut all SUBSCRIBE logic from OpenSIPS config without 
interfering with REGISTER and INVITE logic, so client would make and 
receive calls? It's the only thing that we need from this CPE.

p.s.: My apologies for posting logs.

15.09.2017 12:39, Răzvan Crainea пишет:
> Hi, Alexander!
> In my opinion, the client does not handle the Notify properly - when the 
> client subscribes, (according to RFC 3842) OpenSIPS must send a NOTIFY 
> with its current state - if he doesn't have any messages, the message 
> body is empty. The client must not reject this message, but accept it 
> and update its current state.
> Another thing that I noticed is that OpenSIPS lowers the SUBSCRIBE 
> expiration to 600 seconds. Looks like the client ignores this 
> limitation, and doesn't SUBSCRIBE before timeout. That's why after 10 
> minutes OpenSIPS sends a graceful shutdown NOTIFY with 
> Subscription-State: terminated;reason=timeout.
> Nevertheless, the SIP client should not stop working, regardless the 
> traffic it received.
> PS: next time please use an external service such as pastebin.com to 
> post code snippet.
> Best regards,
> Răzvan Crainea
> OpenSIPS Developer
> www.opensips-solutions.com
> On 09/15/2017 10:01 AM, Alexander N. Lunev via Users wrote:
>> Hello everyone!
>> We're using some Chinese GPON CPE with SIP clients in it with OpenSIPS 
>> 2.2.3 as a server, and we're having a problem: after successful 
>> REGISTER client starts SUBSCRIBE process for event "message-summary", 
>> and after authorization pass, server sends NOTIFY with "Event: 
>> message-summary", but client respond to it with "SIP/2.0 400 Missing 
>> or invalid message-summary" message.
>> On which side is error?
>> In opensips.cfg SUBSCRIBE is handling by this part:
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best regards
Alexander Lunev

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