[OpenSIPS-Users] Opensips saying memory is all used. TOP shows plenty of free memory

mwb mwbazdarich at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 13 02:14:42 EDT 2017

Hello,I'm running opensips 2.1.5 within a RedHat 7 VM:
NOTICE:core:main: version: opensips 2.1.5 (x86_64/linux)
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.3 (Maipo)

The system is still in development so it only gets occasional SIP requests, however, despite the lack of traffic the OpenSIPS has been complaining that it has run out of memory. Even after a "killall opensips" and starting the program again. Here are the messages it's outputting:Sep 12 22:06:53 [22490] ERROR:core:new_avp: no more shm memSep 12 22:06:53 [22490] ERROR:core:add_avp: Failed to create new avp structureSep 12 22:06:53 [22490] ERROR:core:pv_set_avp: error - cannot add AVPSep 12 22:06:53 [22490] ERROR:core:do_assign: setting PV failedSep 12 22:06:53 [22490] ERROR:core:do_assign: error at /usr/local//etc/opensips/opensips.cfg:119Sep 12 22:06:53 [22490] WARNING:core:fm_malloc: Not enough free memory, will attempt defragmentation
Concurrent with that, here is the memory section from "top:"KiB Mem :  3880064 total,  1994460 free,   597692 used,  1287912 buff/cacheKiB Swap:  8388604 total,  8388604 free,        0 used.  2771860 avail Mem
CPU usage is also at 0.
It's harder to replicate but I do occasionally get "timer_ticker" errors from OpenSIPS when there are no con-current calls up on the device:Sep 7 15:54:32 [11076] WARNING:core:timer_ticker: timer task <blcore-expire> already scheduled for 63646530 ms (now 63727200 ms), it may overlap..

There are a few things to note: Opensips itself is spawned by another process (a perl plackup server). Is it possible the process that spawns it is limiting it's memory?
As an alternative do people normally create a service file for OpenSIPS on RHEL? I need to be able to restart OpenSIPS via a web interface so I can't manually start and stop it all of the time. The way I figured out was to have the webserver start it but potentially I could have the web-server make calls to systemd
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